We started out just wanting to stay busy on days off with Hot tub supplies with Ultimate Hot Tub Supplies. Then a new passion grew into detailing, designing and giving new life into golf carts where they would be enjoyed by new owners. Have a look and see if there is anything we can provide for you from our home business to your summer home. Contact us with any ideas or questions.

Everything you need to know;

From gas golf carts that need little maintenance, to electric that you need to remember to plug in but give you a little more power. From just being detailed to custom looks and lifts to pride possessions. We have everything for all budgets and sizes. We have limited selections at a time and as this is just a hobby and family owned business on the side out of our home, you can be rest assured we only have 1 of a kind.

Have an idea for one but not sure how to get started? Contact us and we will get you going. Let us know today. Great project for the whole family. Keeps us busy on days off with just something fun to do.

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